In today’s era, the pursuit of a more sustainable society is a goal cherished by every forward-thinking organization. However, translating this aspiration into concrete actions often proves to be a more complex process than initially expected.

In the dynamic world of ICT, we often see that entrepreneurs replace components as soon as they are economically depreciated. But this doesn’t mean they have lost their functionality. On the contrary, these ‘depreciated’ products can still provide significant added value for a long time.

With this insight as our foundation, we have launched an innovative circular service. Products that have been economically depreciated by our partners are given a second life through our experts. They are collected, thoroughly cleaned, and reintroduced into circulation.

This is made possible by our dedicated Cable Guys, who are ready to pick up the hardware from our partners upon request. Each piece of hardware is carefully refurbished: data is meticulously and certified removed, and the physical hardware is thoroughly cleaned, resulting in a fully refreshed device. These ‘like-new’ devices are then ready to make a valuable contribution once again, helping us take a step towards a greener future together.

At INDITO, we believe in the power of collaboration and sustainability.

and we are proud to walk this sustainable path together with you.

Together, we initiate tomorrow!